Kelmscott Fencing

Yes. We provide bespoke styles constructed to your exact measurements and specifications. Please get in touch with our fencing specialist for more information and pricing.

Yes, Kelmscott Fencing Repair Department is delighted to review any concerns you have with your fence, including fences that we did not install, and recommend the best solution for your specific situation.
We are based in Kelmscott (Perth), but we provide an extensive service to the neighbouring areas.
Yes. Silver is the standard colour for chain links. If you want a coloured chain link fence, we provide vinyl coloured chain links in various shades. The most preferred colour is black because it has a more elegant appearance and blends well with the surrounding landscape.
If you have changes to your project, please inform the estimator immediately to make the necessary changes to the materials. It is considerably easier to make adjustments before we begin than if we are already in the middle of it.
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